Breaking News….From Twitter

Where would you rather get your news from: a newspaper being read by the sharp-dressed men who work on Wall Street or as a one sentence post online from the same person who posted a funny cat video minutes before? You’d probably want the paper the Wall Street folks are reading, but even highly regarded newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and others have integrated their delivery of breaking news onto Twitter. Now just because Twitter has to take the news and make it available in 140 characters or less doesn’t mean it’s a watered down version of the news.

In fact, Twitter may help attract more people to read more news. It helps tech managers create a headline that will reach out and grab a user. From there, a user can follow a link to read the full story and be better informed. Twitter has allowed news outlets the opportunity to present their services to a new generation. New technology always drives change in the media, so news outlets need to integrate anyway. There are negatives, but I believe the positives are much more important to note. The fact that major news outlets are willing to adapt to new technology is a sign that journalism is in no way dying, just in an awkward stage of development.


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