News Online

In class, we talked about how people are living in the television age of news. However, it’s important to note that the Internet is gaining headway. Is that something to be worried about? Not necessarily, because the Internet may be helping the news. The home page of the website of The New York Times looks like an expanded layout of the front page of the actual newspaper, with headlines that cover more than just the most popular headlines in news. The headlines come with photos that attempt to jump out and grab a reader, just like a newspaper would do. The articles on the website can contain links to previous articles, allowing the reader to know more about a story.

            The Internet has allowed major news organizations to expand the delivery of news. Links to videos, previous stories, and photos can help a reader expand his or her knowledge of today’s news. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter provide quick but effective headlines that lead readers to the actual articles. Newspapers online are helping take news into the next generation of technology. Television is still the mainstay of news, but in the next 15-20 years, more people will probably look to the web for most of their news because there is greater access to more information.


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