Bezos Briefing

             6 months ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos purchased the economically fledgling Washington Post for $250 million. Now Mr. Bezos’ intentions are not entirely clear, it’s going to be interesting to see what he plans to do with such a legendary piece of press. The reason this paper is so treasured is because of its glowing reputation as a paper presenting straightforward pieces of news. Famous for its publication of the Watergate scandal, The Washington Post has always been one of the premiere publications in this country (2nd only to The New York Times).

            So why should we care about Mr. Bezos and his lavish spending? Well, for journalists it should be comforting to know that The Washington Post will not have any financial problems any time soon (Lord knows that Amazon isn’t filing for Chapter 11). Maybe it’s because Bezos could input some of his innovation into the newspaper. His online shopping company is used by most of the world’s population, so he could have a great idea to keep The Washington Post relevant (or at least carry on into the next generation). It will be really disappointing to find out that Bezos bought the paper out of ego, but someone who is trying to implement package delivery by flying robots must have some more ideas to give out beyond Amazon. For now, Jeff Bezos is certainly a man to keep an eye out for in the coming years.


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