Buzzfeed and the Times

Buzzfeed and the website for The New York Times seem like 2 totally different websites with 2 different audiences to attract. However, both have common features that make them popular spots to read news. Both are organized into different topics so that people can search for specific stories. The website of The New York Times has the layout of the front page of a typical paper, but it has tabs directing a user to sections of stories dealing with specific subjects. Buzzfeed has an opening page that lays out current and popular stories, but also has tabs that features separate stories also dealing with certain subjects. Both Buzzfeed and The New York Times have easy ways to find information online for free.

            Although Buzzfeed is not as newsworthy as its printing counterpart, Buzzfeed can still be considered close to the same vein as The New York Times website because both are meant to provide breaking news stories. Buzzfeed gets its name from having buzz worthy stories on their page.  The New York Times website has to be constantly updated in order to keep up with developing stories. These sound different, but they both have the common goal of keeping breaking news stories present. Both websites may have different presentations of themselves, but have the same purpose.

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